Skin Weft--51

    Seamless Skin weft is made with hand-knotted 100% human remy hair on very thin mono-mesh based (with Poly-Urethan coating). This hair extension is seamless without bumps when it is completed. No adhesive is used. No clips or chemicals. Fast, easy and profitable way of applying extension.


    The references you will notice, to the skin wefs, are 100% remy and cuticle hair. Remy means that the hair was applied to the PU band in the same direction that it grows. The reference to cuticle hair means that the cuticles are intact, instead of being removed from the hair.


    Seamless skin wefts can be applied by tape or bonding glue. The tape last a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks and then you should retape. However, applying the glue will make the skin wefts stay attached to your own hair longer.


    Seamless skin weft come in many different colors. Seamless skin weft also come in different texture. You can order curly, straight, wavy, yaki, etc.


    The normal total length of skin weft is 90cm. Usual width of skin weft if 0.5cm, 0.7cm, 0.8cm 1.0cm, 1.2cm and 1.5cm. Other requirements are available according to your requirements.


    Seamless skin weft is the ultimate hair extension for achieving the most natural looking and undetectable weave. Even if someone were to run their fingers through your hair, it is unlikely that they would really feel or see the tiny unit. The hair looks like it’s growing from your scalp.

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